Inventions, at one time, could only be protected by filing a FULL patent application.  This is a lengthy process.

Like many inventors, you may not want this delay at the beginning, of your project.

The US Patent Office now permits you to file a PROVISIONAL patent application.  This is a simpler document.  The costs are much less than for a full application.

The PROVISIONAL application remains on file in the U. S Patent Office for 12 months after filing. It then expires.

Within the 12 months you can:

  • Contact prospective buyers
  • Make patent searches
  • Investigate manufacture
  • Select packaging
  • Locate distribution
  • Search trademarks
  • Arrange finance

By the end of the 12 months you should file a FULL application.  This FULL application will be given the filing date of the PROVISIONAL application. No one else can get ahead of you.

If you decide it is not worth going further you simply allow the Provisional application to die.

Typical costs of filing a U S Provisional application are about $1000.00 plus HST.  This will cover a fairly simple Provisional, with a couple of pages of drawings.

If you would like to proceed supply me with a disclosure, in writing, and a prototype or photos if you have them.  We also require fees in advance of application.

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